Grrr, laptop problems….


Hi – wanted to write something on here tonight (as it’s been a while…), to add a few pics I’ve taken and drawn. BUT – I made the choice to say ‘yes’ install Windows 10.

Mistake.  So far.  I can’t find anything I’ve previously used and it’s all, very, different… Damn.

So, cancel my mindful, creative input this evening and replace with annoying technology problems.  No fun.  Not fair.

Beach Craft Fair – Seaham Masonic Hall. Saturday 1st August 2015 – spread the word!

art and craft, mindfullness, seaglass, wellbeing

8 steps from shore will be appearing at a local Beachcraft Fair, Seaham Masonic Hall, 11-3pm, Saturday 1st August 2015.

All welcome.  Beautiful local crafts inspired by our wonderful coastline, pop along, it’s FREE!

Several of the Seaglass pieces featured on this site will be for sale.

Beachy Bunting: Air Dry Clay

Beachy Bunting: Air Dry Clay

For the Love of: teal, aqua, turquoise, jade



Again, I return to my love of these colour’s.  Something just fits/works/pleases my eye when I find this colour.  Then again, it’s not just one colour, there are so many variations out there.


This colour also seems to ‘pop’ when placed on a background of dark wood or driftwood, it just encourages the colour to be its best.


As I’ve a rekindled love of walking (with pup), I see so many things, I’ve opened up to so many views and senses.  My senses feel nurtured by the beautiful simplicity of open space.


I hope I always return to this colour, despite how it may dip in and out of design/fashion – I always feels close to me when this colour sneaks into my day.

Fail to Prepare/Prepare to Fail, etc….

mindfullness, wellbeing

A bit of a weird concept – if you don’t plan, it will go wrong (not all the time, random and chance are key in opportunity too).  ‘Prepare to Fail’ – well isn’t this a big kick in the shins kind of phrasing?! Pah.  Learning to go: ‘Ok, I’m knackered, I need to pause, stand back and have a think about stuff’, is surely more motivating and realistic, not to mention better for your wellbeing.  It’s hard to do though, you have to get there, to that stage of going: ‘alright, I get it, I need to reroute’. 


Sometimes getting back to your old self is a nice way to see where you want to go, who you want and need to be and how you need to live.

big me

big me

‘Swings and Roundabouts’ Today: found 50p, looked at a shop, burst tyre…

art and craft

Although I’m finding many ways to connect, relax and engage in a state of ‘Flow’, it has to be said, walking with pup is the best.  The blast of fresh air, seeing new plants on the go, loving the open land and scenery.  But right now, I’m shattered and best place is BED! zzzz

cat therapy doodles

cat therapy doodles

colour in cats

colour in cats

fuzzy orange crochet and washi tape bucket

fuzzy orange crochet and washi tape bucket

lovely outdoors

lovely outdoors

the refreshing green grass and speckled blue sky

the refreshing green grass and speckled blue sky

Wednesday Wake-Up vs. Turn Around Tuesday

art and craft, mindfullness, wellbeing

Started a Macrame plant holder this eve, well – morphed my mustard wool crochet thingy wingy, into a shape, to hopefully house a small (succulant?) plant.  There is inspiration everywhere, especially colours to use, but I’m not always/often to seeing it, the ‘inspiration’.

images from Apartment Therapy and Twitter:

ATT_1430159201605_Screenshot_2015-04-10-21-24-57                                          ATT_1430159201700_IMG_20150404_121343

I’ve randomly been awake and up since 5am-ish this morning and very active with it – needless to say, at near 1am – I’m shattered…………  Over and out.

Creating a Moment or Planting a Seed?


Is the importance that I’ve created a moment and walked away from it or that I have planted a seed, a resource, to come back to?

Does it need to be ‘important’?  Not really, I think the fact that the moment existed is the point.

So, one recent visit to the beach – give me a sunny day and I can’t keep away – I decided to stop and sit for a while.  Not because I was tired, but it’s something I now do.  The colours on the beach, or the pebbles, the sand, the sheer variation is an easy inspiration.  This is maybe why I stop, to take it all in, to focus.  There is a kind of ‘pebble blindness’ that occurs when walking and looking down for that special stone.  It’s better to sit, move the pebbles with my fingers, listen to the sound they make, the background wash of the sea to shore.

Love-heart stones are are abundant, I kind of need to pick each up each one.  Each one I see, makes me think of someone, that someone is sending me love and that I shouldn’t ignore it or walk by.  Have I an attachment to the stone or to what I feel it represents at that moment (or whom) or is it a connection to the landscape?  I’d like to think it’s both, both are eloquently speaking to me, reaching out, saying ‘I’m here, I’m thinking of you too’.

So, returning to my original question, is my arranging pebbles, collecting love-heart stones and savouring the image with a photo, the point?  To create, at that moment, to stop, to pause, to focus and engage with the landscape and then to walk away from it.  I feel by creating the moment, by letting something ‘good’ in, some ‘peace’, I am planting a seed.  Creating a resource that I can return to.  On good days, bad days, inbetween days when I just arrive at the beach and feel it.

Beachy Bunting: Air Dry Clay Craft, 7 May 2015


‘My Stash’ of seaglass collected today: pebbles, glass & a shell

Beachy Bunting

Decided to get out of town today, a change of scenery.  Making that decision when I get up in the morning is usually priceless, to be prepared: flask of coffee, three bananas (yes, ate them all), bottle of water for pup and… pup.

Headed to local beach, making a beeline for a small store I’d spotted last weekend, running Craft Workshops.  I’m signed up to attend a Crochet class; to which my daughter piped up: ‘ZZZZ, you’re turning into a Granny!’ I promptly updated her that  ‘Crochet is cool on the craft scene right now…’.

My search for seaglass was hard, really hard.  I’d heard it was a great beach for such finds, but, nothing.  Plus, slightly annoyingly, loads of other people seemed to be doing the same, scanning the shore, kestral-focus, hover and drop.  They were swiping up stones I couldn’t even find!  There must be a secret beach code…

After wandering along with pup and mooching amongst the pebbles, I thought: I need to stand still, to pause and I can focus on what’s around me: masses of beautiful, light, matt pebbles.  So, I found a spot, sat myself down and started to rummage around in the pebbles. Then I got it.  That was the point, I had to pause to see what I was looking for and when I did, it was simple and fruitful.

Amber, jade, grass green, brushed clear: all slightly sparkling gems washed up, hidden under rocks, mixing with sand, around.  Sparce, but around.

It was that moment of being mindful, that pause, that awareness, that helped unlock my creativity.  I knew straight away what I wanted to create and did.  White air dry clay: smooth and matt to work with, pure.  A decent mixture of pebbles and coloured seaglass.   A love heart.

DAS air dry clay, £4 The Works

DAS air dry clay, £4 The Works

It was nice to work with the clay, just simple, just nice.  Not sure if the glass will stick, but I worked them into the clay enough to create a concave space, a well, edging the clay to overlap slightly, which, when dry, will hopefully form a clasp.  So, love heart – that happened, then a triangle, then another, then bunting.  ‘Beachy Bunting’!

Pictures on here so far, show my ‘stash’, clay and middle process, waiting to dry (presently on a cake cooling tray, which seems to allow the air to circulate).  Remind me to post a pic of the end result, as ‘bunting’.  Hmmm, now the decision of using ribbon, thread or twine…


Beachy Bunting: clay drying out.